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India economy changes not very rapidly but on moderate mode now we are in the list of strongest countries not on the top but we are present in the list and that matters a lot.  We are performing good weather you talk about interestrates, GDP or property etc. buying and selling property in zirakpur is now easy then before time and interest are also low as compare to past but before buying home one thing that come first in every buyers mind that is delay on delivering home.

Each and every single person work hard just for buy home for their family they want to see their family happy in their own home where no one can able to complaint you why you are playing music at very high volume or why you are partying at midnight etc. After all these pressure they start buying home. Many people buy homes but some of lucky person will get and rest of them has on delivery dates which are postponed in every month by property dealers in zirakpur.Some time they take many years to deliver your dream home. On delivering time battle starts between buyer and builder before Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) became effective in the entire country this battle looks like one sided where only builders dominate.There are many provisions that you should know before buying homes and property in zirakpur. These provisions can helps you a lot and these provisions are enough powerful to bring back your home.All these information given by DNA Realtors which offers best property in zirakpur as Promoters Promise.

There Are 6 Very Important Provisions In RERA That May Prevent The Builders From Delaying The Home:

  1. Written Affidavit:

Now the promise of the promoters is not only in words. All the promise are in written with all the required documents, the promoter has to give a declaration, supported by an affidavit stating the time period within which the project or the specific phase will get completed.

  1. Delivery Date Will Be Inviolate:

The ‘agreement of sale’ will have to specifically carry the possession date and interest rate. This will help you in default case. One thing you have to remember different builders have different delivery rate. In the agreement period they have to inform you the exact date then it’s in your hand weather this dates suits you or not.

  1. Clear Title Of The Land:

A well written affidavit has to be given by the promoter that the legal title to the land on which the development is going to happen has legally valid documents with authentication of such title if such land is not owned by some another person.

  1. Free From Burden:

Many promoters forgot to show you the land title and this will become encumbrances after some time. So at the time of documentations a wellwritten affidavit has to be given  by the promoter that this land is free from all burden.

  1. Maintaining Diffrent Account:

As per RERA, 70 percent of the amount realized for the project from the buyers, from time to time. And this amount should be deposited in a separate account. Account that is maintained by a scheduled bank.

The withdrawals from this account will be according to the work completed after it is certified by anarchitect,chartered accountant and an engineer. This amount will be auditing every six-month.

6. Making It An Offence:

if builder not able to deliver you home within the three year or according to the datethen the builder have to pay 10 % of the estimated cost of the projects and builder can also lose the registration of the project.

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