At the heart of DNA Realtors’ very foundations are the three principles of honesty, integrity, and service to the clients.

We value our principles and keep our promises. We also honour the industry’s standards of practice and abide by its code of ethics. Keeping these principles, values, standards, and ethics in mind, DNA Realtors is engaged in the business of bringing the buyers and sellers of various properties in the tricity region together to facilitate the property deals smoothly, efficiently, and adhering to the prevailing property laws and government policies.

Why DNA Realtors?

Even for the seasoned realtors, buying and selling property is a risky affair. More so for the buyers and sellers, who are pretty much green in this field. The clients buy or sell properties only a few times in their entire lives, so they have no deep understanding and knowledge of the intricacies, pitfalls, and loopholes of real estate. Without even basic knowledge of property dealing, they are called upon to make expensive and risky decisions. But for the realtors, dealing in properties is a daily affair, and they amass a wealth of knowledge in the industry with every passing day. Having all this knowledge and deep understanding of this business, they are in an exploitative and manipulative position over the buyers and sellers, who can easily be deceived by certain unscrupulous realtors.

Now, DNA Realtors’ owner is a local resident who grew up in this region and has a fondness for tricity’s local people and the community, and strives to add to the overall prosperity in the community. Committed to helping his clients attain overall prosperity and having a positive impact on their lives, the owner has handpicked competent agents over the years and trained them appropriately. All our agents are now trained professionals and know the local property market like the back of their hands. With our deep understanding of the local market, we present more opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Plus, we like to share our knowledge with the clients to educate them, because educated clients make better investment decisions.

“We have to stay with the client, right through. Every step of the way.” — Anuj Dua, owner DNA Realtors

Anuj Nandlal Dua

Anuj Nandlal Dua, a Kurukshetra University alumnus, laid the foundations of DNA Realtors in 2010 while still working in a major national bank’s housing loans division. “I could see that the local clients here were in trouble, buyers and sellers both. Property frauds, cheating ways, shady dealings, money embezzlement, possession issues, everything was happening in the tricity region and still is,” says Dua. Trust was so lacking in the local property market, and realising the sheer need of fair and trustworthy realtors — who could bring integrity, professionalism, and a sense of order in the local realty market, Dua founded DNA Realtors. Since then, Dua has earned a strong reputation in the market as an ace realtor with expert market understanding and exquisite negotiation skills.

Our final objective is to attain prosperity for our clients, not just buy or sell their properties. Dua says, “Finding and selling properties for our clients is just one of our jobs, which we do honestly and with integrity. But I and my staff do more than that. We always have our clients’ overall prosperity in mind, and for that, we arrange home loans for them, assist them in mutual funds investment, and help them get insurance as well. We have to stay with the client, right through. Every step of the way.”